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Editions: 1-200

Edition published by Serge BOUVET

Format: Hardback 
Size: 178 mm x 240 mm 
Pages: 148pp 
Photographies: 106 

ISBN: 978-2-9573719-0-7

Language: French/English


Let me take you on a stroll through light and shade as stirring as a long raga.

At some point in the 21st century, India will count for one in six human beings on the planet. So there could hardly be a better time to ask ourselves who are today’s Indians - or rather, what are they like? In the book Indiens you will not find an answer, but instead a sum of questions of rather a dramatic tone in which my wanderings bring me face to face with slices of ordinary life.

In a bid to understand who today’s Indians are, I spent 2014 to 2019 travelling through seven towns in India: Prayagraj, New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jodhpur, Varanasi and Bundi. I photographed Indians going about their everyday business in order to extract an intensity of life built out of individual moments. Behind their drama, these photos celebrate the simple affirmation of existence by offering a kaleidoscopic portrait of the people of India, from the happy to the forgotten.  Does the shadow created by raysof white light reveal the humanity behind the masks of Indians?  Does theexpression of those photographed leave the viewer anxious, feeling likedisaster is around the corner? Does the repetition of certain trying actions ofmen and women highlight certain ways of life governed by alienation? The nature of the people of India, in allits complexity, will always raise questions.

The black and white photographs 
are presented in an uninterrupted sequence for maximum impact, and all the one are shown at either full-page size or as double-page spreads.

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