Mathias Kiss x Auguste Comte

Mathias Kiss x Auguste Comte is the second installation of the collection « OUT OF TIME » by Mathias Kiss. 

Walking by the Rue Monsieur le Prince in Paris’ 6rd arrondissement, you might have noticed a «golden» installation on display in the house of the French philosopher who founded the discipline of praxeology and the doctrine of positivism, Auguste Comte. This is the work of the artist Mathias Kiss. By covering these objects from daily life with golden leaves such as a vacuum cleaner, rollerblades or a television, Mathias Kiss questions our perception of past and present and hypnotizes the spectator by his original work. 

Artiste : Mathias Kiss
Editeur : Studio de création Attilalou
Photo: Serge Bouvet
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La Croix published Le Jaïnisme

On the anniversary of Mahavira, the twenty-fourth Tirthankara (ford maker) of Jainism, Claire Lesegretain (an international reporter) wrote an article for La Croix, a daily French newspaper, about an ancient Indian religion belonging to the Śramaṇa tradition, the Jainism. 

Photos: Serge Bouvet 
Text: Claire Lesegretain

April 9th: Indian jain celebrating the birth of Mahavira

According to Jain texts, Lord Mahavira was born on the thirteenth day of the bright half of the moon in the month of Chaitra. Mahavir Jayanti is said to occur in the month of March or April according to the Gregorian calendar, and this year, it falls on April 9. One of the most auspicious festival for Jains, this day marks the birth of Vardhamana Mahavira, 24th and the last Tirthankara (teaching God) of Avasarpini — half of the worldly cycle of time, according to the Jain cosmology.

Excerpts of the newspaper article

“L’anniversaire du fondateur de cette religion, vieille d’environ trois mille ans et forte de 10 millions d’adeptes en Inde et en diaspora, a été célébré le 9 avril.” Qui sont les jaïns aujourd’hui ? On estime le nombre des jaïns à 9 millions en Inde, essentiellement dans les États du Maharashtra (1,3 million) et du Gujarat (1 million). « Ils sont difficiles à comptabiliser, relève le spécialiste du jaïnisme Pierre-Paul Amiel…” 

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Publication by Barcroft Media (an international media company) of my photo documentary of Jains monk.
The article was prepared by journalist Crystal Chung. 

An Udaipur monk walks for miles everyday to practice ancient religion

“Captured on camera by photographer, Serge Bouvet in February 2017, the images show the various types of Jain monks and an insight to their day-to-day practice of social alienation as they walk and hike several miles per day.”

Serge said: “The Jains monks are people who walk in single file, walking may allow them to free themselves from… 
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Photos: Serge Bouvet
Text: Crystal Chung

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