Paris Police 1900

Today, I attended the last shooting scene of the series Paris Police 1900. The next police series on Canal + is set in the capital at the beginning of the last century. A small step back in time, until the XIXth century, during the Third Republic. I captured the images of the last day of shooting.  At the bend in the rue de Chabrol, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, time seems to have stopped at the dawn of the last century. Wrapped in a morning mist, a dozen men and women move in front of anti-Semitic posters. 

The plot begins after the discovery of the corpse of a woman fished out of the Seine. The police investigation imagined by Fabien Nury and directed by Julien Despaux for Tetra Media Fiction and A.F.P.I. for Canal + will be based on a criminal case that has not been solved in the past. It is therefore a uchrony, a historical fiction about a strange crime against a particularly chaotic political context, conducive to anti-Semitism, where dreyfusards and antidreyfusards are illustrated. 

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