Paris. May 18, 2017. I finished my corporate photographies in a consulting firm located in the district of Wagram. The cloudy sky was so low that it seemed to want to crush us.  A huge rainfall. On the Avenue des Champs Elysées, I was surprised by a fifteen-minute rain shower. No umbrella. No raincoat. I was lucky to have my camera. I took advantage of the excitement, the eagerness of passers-by to take as many photographs as possible. I took about 50 pictures. There’s something going on. There is a beginning of a cinematographic plot. To accentuate the dramatization of the rain, I used a flash to capture the strong shadows of the facial expressions. There is anxiety, fear and romantic excitement in her photos. I wish I had more time and rain to capture this little climatic outburst. To capture as many pictures as possible, I had to run. I had to move quickly.

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