Clock Tower Market, Jodhpur   ···  
During Kumbh Mela, a 32 feet high statue of Rishi Bharadwaj was being set up at the Baalsan intersection of Prayagraj
Rishi Bharadwaj's huge statue was inaugurated on 17 January 2019.   ···  
North Western Railway passenger   ···  
Dog with her puppies on College Street in Kolkata.   ···  
Sadhus of Varanasi   ···  
Indians from Varanasi in the midst of political debates   ···  
Kumartuli Street in Kolkata   ···  
A man smokes in front of a wall stamped with the communist logo. Politics in West Bengal is dominated by the following major political parties: the Trinamool Congress, the Indian National Congress, the Communist Party of Indi   ···  
​Sadhus of Varanasi   ···  
Children's playground in Udaipur   ···  
​Woman from  Varanasi   ···  
Family in Churchgate railway station  in Mumbai   ···  
Daraganj Railway bridge of Prayagraj.   ···  
A Kolkata driver teases a child.   ···  
Sikh from Varanasi ​   ···  
Child looking at a fresco on a street in Kolkata.   ···  
Varanasi Pilgrims   ···  
An artist paints a deity on a wall of a house in Varanasi   ···  
​Woman from  Varanasi   ···  
​Woman from Bundi   ···  
A child disguised as an Indian deity during the Rama festival in Varanasi   ···  
Passers-by in the city of Varanasi   ···  
Passers-by in the city of Varanasi   ···  
A Muslim from Mumbai makes cotton bales   ···  
North Western Railway passenger of  Indian Railways   ···  
Brick and brick shop in Varanasi.   ···  
Smoker from Prayagraj   ···  
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